# Oddities

# Sunday morning 1 mile from city centre (12 April 2020)

# Stop shouting at me (20 Apr 2015)

Stop shouting at me
Are you a drunk
an angry driver
in mortal danger at the cliff’s edge
No, I’m three
and I just want it now

Stop shouting at me
I’m learning from you
and I’m failing to learn from you
Why are we shouting
I just want it now

Stop shouting at me
Why don’t you hear me
Why don’t you notice me
I’m only three
But this all me, right now
and I want it now


(written probably in 2010)

# (In)Equal treatment in law (6 Jan 2014)

Straight and wide road, good visibility, driving a car but hands behind head for 30s = no-one harmed & 12 month ban, £655 and 100 community hours (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-25624978 (opens new window))

Inner city, driving a lorry but using a mobile phone = one more dead person & no ban, no fine (http://road.cc/content/news/57677-bow-roundabout-nobody-blame-death-cyclist-svitlana-tereschenko-says-coroner (opens new window))

Neither seems right.

# Better than the back of the sofa (5 Jan 2014)

Two 10p coins, one 20p, one 5p, three pennies, white plastic nut, marble, two paper clips, one plectrum and a small white plastic rabbit. My booty from repairing our dryer. From deep inside the dryer after much dismantling, scratching of head and more dismantling, I cleaned out one compartment inside the machine to discover and retrieve the aforesaid collection. I wouldn’t spend four hours digging around at the back of the sofa but I dare say I would have had much less success there than with the dryer. How else should one spend the first Sunday of the year but making use of a replacement parts kit to put back in place a key ingredient of the family household support system?

For the fact-minded reader I can share the following information that I previously did not know:

I’m off to work out what to do with my booty…