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For work, I build web apps to underpin a business idea. I live and work in Cambridge, UK.

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What to look for in a tech person for a startup (8 Mar 2014)


Offshore or nearby development – good article (5 May 2015)


Choosing a software developer (7 Mar 2015)

I found this article vocalised some of my thoughts very well:


and more recently this one made some very good points:


PDF from Trello cards (6 Oct 2015)

I’ve put together a tool to generate a PDF from a set of Trello cards. The tool is at http://pdf-from-trello.meteor.com/ and with it you connect to Trello, choose your list and download the PDF. Connecting to Trello means clicking a button on a form that pops up to authorise the tool to retrieve data from your Trello account. The download consists of the card name as a heading and the card description as paragraphs below the heading. I used to produce a product description document from a set of cards I created with a team. Please do let me know what you think of it and the use to which you put it.

Trumpet photos – wireframes (1 Jul 2014)

A while back I put together this set of wireframes to illustrate a concept I developed from an idea someone mentioned to me. It’s an example of something I’d like to do more – defining software products through wireframes, prototyping and the written word.


Here’s the first page as a taster…


How much for a web app? (5 Jan 2014, edited prices 26 Sep 2018)

Here’s a great article about the length of a piece of string cost of a website:


However, I would put building a web app as being possible in the £5,000 to £10,000 category.