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GCP greenways going fast enough? 22 Oct 22 GCP greenways going fast enough?

Domestic roads, the domain of the landscape architect 20 Oct 2022 Domestic roads should be designed by landscape architects

Copenhagen Cycling 2022 4 Sep 2022 Copenhagen Cycling 2022

Switching from Atom to VSCode
17 June 2020
My experience of switching from the code editing tool Atom to VSCode

Denmark - the hotbed of offshore software development
7 Dec 2018
Pay attention to the right details even on shoestring projects

I want to buy x and I want it now
11 Nov 2018
Using online to drive traffic to physical retail.

Can AI help with uptake of new products and solving the (minor) problems people face?
8 Nov 2018
A brief thought about matching 'free'‚Äč apps with people that would benefit from them.