Sunday morning 1 mile from city centre (12 April 2020)

Stop shouting at me (20 Apr 2015)

Stop shouting at me
Are you a drunk
an angry driver
in mortal danger at the cliff’s edge
No, I’m three
and I just want it now

Stop shouting at me
I’m learning from you
and I’m failing to learn from you
Why are we shouting
I just want it now

Stop shouting at me
Why don’t you hear me
Why don’t you notice me
I’m only three
But this all me, right now
and I want it now


(written probably in 2010)

(In)Equal treatment in law (6 Jan 2014)

Straight and wide road, good visibility, driving a car but hands behind head for 30s = no-one harmed & 12 month ban, £655 and 100 community hours (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-25624978)

Inner city, driving a lorry but using a mobile phone = one more dead person & no ban, no fine (http://road.cc/content/news/57677-bow-roundabout-nobody-blame-death-cyclist-svitlana-tereschenko-says-coroner)

Neither seems right.

Better than the back of the sofa (5 Jan 2014)

Two 10p coins, one 20p, one 5p, three pennies, white plastic nut, marble, two paper clips, one plectrum and a small white plastic rabbit. My booty from repairing our dryer. From deep inside the dryer after much dismantling, scratching of head and more dismantling, I cleaned out one compartment inside the machine to discover and retrieve the aforesaid collection. I wouldn’t spend four hours digging around at the back of the sofa but I dare say I would have had much less success there than with the dryer. How else should one spend the first Sunday of the year but making use of a replacement parts kit to put back in place a key ingredient of the family household support system?

For the fact-minded reader I can share the following information that I previously did not know:

I’m off to work out what to do with my booty…