# Denmark - the hotbed of offshore software development

I like Denmark. I've never been there but what I've read or seen about the place has made it a place about which I am keen to hear more and even visit one day. I've visited Finland and there must be some similarities. That was to visit Nokia and it highlighted to me how software development was a big thing there just as it is in the UK.

Today I received this email:

Email screenshot from Danish

I don't think it's from Denmark. I'm sure there many companies in Denmark who could do these things for me and do them very well. This prospecting email is definitely not from one of them.

When I registered a domain name a while ago I didn't notice the privacy angle of the data I was providing. It was for a shoestring project so anything that cost more than was strictly required meant I didn't give it much time or attention. I should have done. It's not a critical matter but an ongoing minor irritation. You too may have received a flush of emails about GDPR a while back. Mostly, as with cookies, website visitors don't want to know about the popups and warning messages. For my matter of registering a domain, GDPR is greatly beneficial as nowadays the data provided on registering is kept private automatically.

A while ago I was dealing with contracts and found I was quite happy going through them and checking the details. At the same time as handling the overall intention, sorting out the small details was fine. Why did I forget that when registering a domain? The mistake is probably based on being short on my time when the project was short on money. Whether the project is well-funded or not, as ever, some details still matter. The art is in knowing which ones will be critical, which might cause irritations and which to ignore.

Thunderbird (and Fastmail) were right - this was junk mail. I just need to find a way to spot the occasional good mail in my Junk folder. Maybe I could outsource that?